Thursday, October 20, 2011

My name is mitchell crooks in 2002, I recorded inglewood CA officer jeremy morse, beating a handcuffed suspect. After turning it in to media, I was arrested on 4 year old misdemeanor warrants and sentenced to 6 months jail time on 23 hour a day lockdown.

On, 3/3/11 las vegas metro police beat another handcuffed man right outside my bedroom window. (control click not to leave this page) On the 20th anniversary of rodney king. At the exact time my video was shot on my sony handycam in inglewood 5:06pm july 6 2002.

I moved to las vegas after the video to work on production. In 2003, I began filming a documentary on the inglewood situation after the video appeared on world wide TV, &

On 3/20/11, 4 days after purchasing the final piece (HD camera) for my documentary, I heard police helicopters above. Police hardly ever been in that area in the several years I lived in las vegas. While investigating some kids who burglarized the house across the street, I started filming. I filmed them from inside the house, outside the house for 45 minutes. As they were about to transport the suspects this happened.


The beating looked very similar to this only, I was punched in the face about 30 more times. I was choked and had a knee to the throat. I love surveillance cameras.

LVMPD sgt DEBRA L WEBB, ofc DOMINGO LUCERO JR, and ofc RYAN T. DEWEY violated my rights as well.

I was beaten and sat in a pool of blood for over 2 hours. I was arrested for obstruction and battery on a police officer. I was booked into the jail, refused medical treatment and bailed (250$ no refund no O.R. because of the battery on police charge) out the next day. My 4,000 dollar HD professional camera was impounded with the tape. The police held onto the camera I had bought 4 days before the beating for 2 weeks.

After doing a search on officer colling online I was shocked to find out that he was involved in a controversial killing of a mentally disabled 15 year old tanner chamberlain. In fact, derek colling has murdered 2 people in 4 years as a police officer. The other was shawn jacob collinsI contacted the las vegas review journal who had done the story on the "coroner's inquest" finding that; derek colling being the last officer on the scene and, only present for 45 seconds fired the fatal blow between the child's eyes. Despite the mother pleas not to shoot her son.

Why this 2 time killer is on a paid 7 month vacation for beating me up on camera, I don't know? The internal affairs 4 months later, said that colling had violated policy and a punishment will be applied.

The CSI and internal affairs stole the original HD tape and crumpled and scotch taped the copy they returned to me. I feel the video is edited to the liking of the las vegas metro police. I had to have a professional fix it. I have retained a lawyer and plan to sue for the injuries I have sustained.

Las vegas metro police officer derek colling is an Israeli Martial arts instructor at Mixed Martial Arts studio in northwest las vegas. He teaches Krav Maga to other LVMPD officers. He is a real estate agent as well. The real estate company wise rock investments LLC has shifted his assets.

Derek Colling has the police protective union support. Which advised him that after he loses his job as a police officer, I will be able to sue him individually for the rest of his life. So, he took his parents money and homes he owned, & put them in a trust. Several Metro police officers have said he will be fired for his actions but, was given the time to shift his assets. Making it harder for me to sue him. Recently, it was made public that the district attorney "david roger" in las vegas, (who dropped the charges on me) will be leaving his post (sarah palin style) to join the police protective union.

Just after the video was made public this happened in rochester new york and got much press. The police retaliated against them for organizing. I continue to be harassed by las vegas metro police stopping me for having a suspended license (made up), taking my plates off my car and ticketing me for a totally BS charge and creating warrants for jaywalking that were from 2008 that I took care of. LVMPD officer A. Frazier stole my plates off my car to provoke me into a confrontation. All was recorded. As was the original march 3rd 2011 video by 3 parties. The 3rd party realizes the "worth" of that video and will release it on his/her own. All total lies and made up to continue to harass me. All have been dropped to my knowledge. I take great pride in knowing that, I have gotten 2 corrupt police officers off the street & others feel the same as me. That's more than most police departments can be proud of. Sheriff doug gillespie and former LV DA david roger are guilty of conspiracy. VOTE HIM (them) OUT!

I am seeking your support and help. Police are terrorists.

Sincerely mitchell crooks

Thinking about a trip to vegas anytime soon? I wouldn't. Check out these statistics: Las vegas police have murdered 142 people since 1990. A record 12 people murdered by las vegas metro police in 2011.

UPDATE: 1/3/2012 Derek Colling was fired 8 months after the incident. The Las vegas metro police continue their coverup the incident by not co operating with requests. Derek colling has skipped town. The LVMPD have given derek colling a head start. He is not available to be served. Metro police have no idea who he is? This video was voted #2 behind a video of fullerton police beating a former cops kid on injusticeeverywhere website. That video is not the worst of 2011 because it shows nothing. The surveillance video the fullerton DA is keeping from the public eye is. Derek colling brutalized me almost upon death in my opinion. I am still alive. This case is far from settled. Las vegas at the least should, explore criminal action against the corrupt vegas police department. Several LVMPD people should be brought up on charges. It only takes one to set it off.

UPDATE 3/5/2012: Big announcement coming march 20 2012 on the case.